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Xenomorph by fenn-shysha Xenomorph :iconfenn-shysha:fenn-shysha 117 94
Of Hunt and Change : 9
It was not hard to convince the General that he had indeed walked amongst the alien during his ‘absence’, all traces pointed that way. It take a bit more work to convince them that most of the people who had believed to be killed are still alive, and remember it, even though they are now considered aliens themselves. It was another thing, however, to convince them of the Empress’ good intention.
But with a bit of ‘convincing’ with his mental ability, they decided to give the ‘aliens’ a chance. He had finally managed to be the volunteer who will walk into the alien hive and arrange a meeting for them, convinced his commanders that if what he told was not true, then he himself would not be returned and no harm would be done. They reluctantly agreed.
Of course, he could have just ‘spoke’ mentally with the Empress from within the base, but they would question how could he communicate with the aliens over distance. He couldn’t le
:iconnargus:nargus 19 15
Hug Coloured by mrspock000 Hug Coloured :iconmrspock000:mrspock000 3 0
Of Dream and Xenomorph : 1
It had been several months since I've moved here, a lone house on a mountain. There were some other houses scatters nearby, but not so much. I still don't believe my luck in getting this house at the price I got. It was probably one of the best spot one could get. The nearest town was only about half an hour away with my mountain bike, probably much less should I get a car. But you know the oil and gas price, and I could get some exercise biking up and down the mountain.
The house sit near a cliff, with big front yard and back with a mountain, overlooking a forest view below. Every morning, I would wake up to sit at the edge of the cliff, watching the sun goes up to the blue sky.
I didn't go into the town very often, normally just once in a few days, to buy stuffs I need. It had been peaceful here, but still with all the convenient one could get. I had electricity, gas, water and broadband internet. Life couldn't have been better to me, or so I thought.
It all happened one
:iconnargus:nargus 77 15
Of Dream and Xenomorph : 2
Darkness…darkness all around me. I was running, aimlessly. I knew not who or what was after me, only knew that I had to run, as fast as I could. The darkness was approaching me, I could feel it. I tried to run away, but it only got closer and closer.  
I gasped, suddenly found myself confined within the blanket of darkness, unable to move. I tried to call for help, to scream, but there was no sound coming out.  
Suddenly, I was free again, running through an abandoned street. There was no one in sight, no car was seen. I kept running as the shadow creature going after me. From afar at first, but kept getting closer and closer…  
I had to go faster, escape from these nightmare. If I had stayed in my house, I wouldn’t be in this nightmare right now. I had to escape, to the safety…  
I ran as fast as I could, but the creature is still approaching me. I turned back, to see its claws nearly reached me. It leap
:iconnargus:nargus 70 34
Of Dream and Xenomorph : 3
I dreamed. I would call it a nightmare…but it didn’t feel like one. It felt more like a vision, a history that unrolled before me, a history of the race I have become…
It all started long ago, on a planet far faraway. Conflicts in politic and believes had caused a war between members of a highly advanced race. One side tried to overpower the other. All kind of weapons had been used, but none could archived a victory. The war continue for months, and years, and then decades.
Eventually, an ultimate weapon had been created, in hope to end the war once and for all…a biological weapon, the perfect killing machine…
The Xenomorph
It did end the war alright, just not in the way their creators had wanted. The planet laid in ruin as an aftermath attempt to destroy their own ultimate weapon.
Years had passed. Races after races attempted to control and harness the power that could not be. Some in the name of war, some in the name of science, and others…
:iconnargus:nargus 51 48
Of Hunt and Change : 1
I am over-excited. This will be the first time I get to join a Hunt! I've been waiting for days for this opportunity. And it is a human target at that! They would not normally send a newly converted like me on a human Hunt since it is much more dangerous than simple animal targets. But I got luck out it seem!  
The Hive has been watching this area for a while now. The human houses are far in-between, all surrounded by trees, with little to no road traffic. It is a bit far from the Hive, but not too far to operate. Mother wish us to clear out this area of human inhabitants. Eat them, or bring them back if possible. It need to be done before her plan could progress, she said. She won't tell us what the plan was when we asked, but we trust her all the same. She's the Mother and the Empress after all, she know better than us mere drones.  
And so here I am, in the brush outside a lonely house on the mountain, watching the target patiently. The female creature s
:iconnargus:nargus 44 31
Of Hunt and Change : 2
A few days ago, when I said I shall protect her, I didn’t think it would be really needed. This hive used to be one of the safest place to me as a xenomorph, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The Empress has got warning from the scouts and the winged-ones of massive human army heading our way.  
For the past few weeks, there has been heavy barricade around the mountain in attempt to block us from spreading out and prevent anyone else from getting the ‘scent’ of us exists. The barricades didn’t really stop me and my hunt mates from sneaking around though. The Empress has kept a considerable amount of humans alive within a hive-cell deep underground as a bait. And they has just got a working computer with an internet connection placed inside their cell today.  
I’m not so surprised about a working internet connection within a xenomorph’s hive as much as that she would allow them to use it. She doesn’t exp
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Of Hunt and Change : 3
I can feel her mind reach out and hold onto me. I return the quick embrace with my mind and encourage her to get out. I can see movement under the cocoon as her inner jaw strikes at the hard cover. It’s not easily break, but eventually a tear appear. She wiggles around inside the semi-translucent shell until her new claws poke out and start tearing the cocoon apart. Revealing her new sleek black chitin armored body. I watch her wicked boney tail as she seem to take upon herself to destroy the remaining of her ex-prison. Her back tubes are perfectly lined, she has smooth dome head and a deadly inner jaw. Her jaw dripping saliva as she growl lightly at me…  
She’s beautiful  
‘Hello again, Sarah,’ I greeted her happily, reaching her with my mind. But she push it aside and suddenly jump at me and pin me on the ground with her claws and tail. Snarl at me with her jaws inches from my face.  
‘Wha…? Sarah?!
:iconnargus:nargus 26 7
Of Hunt and Change : 4
It has been a few weeks since I took Sarah to the hive and a few days since her rebirth. The Empress has asked us – me, Sarah, and several other drones – to accompany the newly evolved queen in securing a new hive location at the town near Sarah’s old house. Several hunt groups have been dispatched to the area to find a cave in the mountain to start a hive. Tunnels have been dug to form a cave network that would let xenomorphs enter the town unnoticed.  
And that’s where we are, running alongside the new queen through the woods to the cave location.  
We drones have to go slower than usual, as the queen isn’t built for speed but for authority and power. We have been running in quiet for a while when, to all our surprises, the queen break the silence.  
‘So, my drones, what were you before your change?’  
‘I apologize, my queen?’ a drone ask in confusion, ‘I do not quite under
:iconnargus:nargus 28 42
Of Hunt and Change : 5
It is now time for a hunt. Eggs have been laid within the new hive’s queen chamber. Within each eggs contain not face-hugger, but the royal substance that allow transformation to xenomorph. It has no effect on the xenomorph but highly effective on other species DNA and cells.  
Well, that was what the Praetorian had told me before I go out on a hunt for the first time. So we drink our fill of the royal substance from the eggs, keep it within the purse in our body which use to store hive resin we drones produce.  
Our targets today will be poor, homeless, or drunken humans in the town – preferably those that won’t be missed should they disappeared. And so we decide to watch around the pubs and bars late after midnight. Me and Sarah are crouching on the rooftop of a bar as two drunk males stumble out, barely able to stand from the way they walk.  
Along the rooftops, we follow.  
They stumble along the street and turn do
:iconnargus:nargus 22 10
Of Hunt and Change : 6
The special forces broke through the fake hive walls and reached the lower area of the hive. They found lots of normal concrete rooms deep inside the hive, none of the room has doors or windows of any sort. Though most of them are relatively clean, compared to the rest of the place. They have a normal bed with a cardboard or a bookcase, sometimes with connected toilet. There are even ten rooms with, surprisingly, working computers completed with Wi-Fi network. They also rescued a dozen captives which were immediately be quarantined, scanned, and interrogated. All of them found clean of alien substances of any kind.  
It had been confirmed that the computers were the ones that they had used to call for help. All of the survivors confirmed none of the aliens had harmed them in anyway, other than kept them captive. They were well fed, allowed the use of proper bathrooms and toilets, as well as random entertainments. The entertainments were varied. Some go
:iconnargus:nargus 27 19
Of Hunt and Change : 7
The Empress watches her favorite Praetorian guard, a Winged One, the only one beside her which doesn't come from this planet. The Praetorian is very special indeed – he is a very rare breed of the Xenomorph, converted from a powerful Dragon race found on another planet.  
As far as they both know, the Xenomorphs had been trying to bring his race into their fold for a long time, but with no success. The species is far stronger than any other hunters they ever faced. Even the legendary Predator and the Ancients are no match for them one-on-one. What’s more, Xenomorphs converted from the Dragons are weaker than the originals. It had never happened before. No matter what they did, they couldn’t seem to bring forth the Dragon’s mysterious powers that literally harness the nature itself. It is, as the humans would say, almost magical. Their mysterious ability seem to lie in the flaw of almost perfect killing machine… the Xenomorp
:iconnargus:nargus 27 22
Of Hunt and Change : 8
‘Night is too dark’ was his first thought when the lights had been turned off in his cell at night a few days ago. Somehow he think he should still be able to see things better in the darkness. It almost felt like he was blind there even though he was sure it was normal…or was it?  
His family will come today, and so he has been moved to a less guarded area of the base. Sure, they doesn’t use handcuffs on him, but they keep eyes on him like a hawk on its prey. He could almost feel it the way guards react around him. There must be something he is missing here, something very important. Besides, he has no chance to see his hunt mates yet since his return… and he wonder how the fight goes…  
He pauses, probably for the third time today.  
Hunt mates? Where did that word came from?? He had meant his partners. Hunt mates sound so very…aliens. He shudders.  
Three officers, whose face he neve
:iconnargus:nargus 23 11


welp, I haz rejoined the furry fandom after a long time! :D I got my fursona and finally got my suit. I am still saving up to get his full done. Soo far half has been paid! Another half remain and he will soon have a body :3

I discovered the furry fandom in 2012 during an event called comic fiesta in Malaysia. I then did some reasearch on them. But because I discovered league of legends, I went hard core gaming and literally ignored furry stuff for 2 years. xD. Then I went to the first ever comic con 2014 in australia and after that supernova 2014. I found all the furries again. So I went back into it by taking some random furry related quiz. Did more research and discovered an event called Furdu2015. I stayed with some random new friends I met in the fandom and they introduced me to the weekly tuesday night meets nearby so I started going for it.

Then I heard that the community got invited into the Brisbane arts festival. I then get w/e money I had saved up for the pass 2 years to get me my fursuit because its gonna be really fun in that festival xD. Payed fully, got it done by my maker LazyLupe in a month lol minus the arrival of materials. I was rather happy and excited with that. After getting it, I suited up ever since. Alishk Ace was born on the 16 August 2015.

And now I hv decided to upload some of my fursuit stuff on DA :D
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A random person
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Skin of choice: furry! Oh and maybe scales!
Favourite cartoon character: ben 10 (especially XLR8) , Swampfire, Big Chill, Goop, Chameleon Boy
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